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How do you change your Unix password?

Posted by on February 6, 2006

The first thing you do when you get a new Unix account is change the password. No one should know your password, except you. Default user passwords given by many system administrators may follow a simple pattern (password100, 12345, etc). It is your responsibility to change this the first time you access the system.

Log in to your Unix account (locally or remotely) with your current username and password. The messages may change from system to system, but the basics will be the same. Note that passwords are usually case sensitive.

The command to change your password is passwd. At the command prompt, type:


Hit enter. The system will say something like:

Changing password for {username}

Where {username} is your account log in name.

Enter current password:

Type in your current password and hit enter.

New password:

Type your new password and hit enter.

Retype new password:

Retype your new password to make sure you didn’t enter it incorrectly.

passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.