Monthly Archives: May 2006

Tracking Packages and Usability

Thomas Baekdal gets it. I wish others would, too. Why must tracking packages around the world be such a time consuming and frustrating feat?

Give us stats and give us details, but present them in a usable, accessible way. Let us choose the level of detail we want to see. Let us choose if we want to get them from a Web page, RSS feed, email, or whatever. Let us choose if we want to know every stop along the way or just the major events.

Thomas has a post that should be read by FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, and every major player in the game. He offers a usable package tracking solution that is clean, efficient, and easy to read. Add alternative ways to deliver that information and I think we can get our package’s status quickly and get on with our lives.

You can read his thoughts here: