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Facebook is not Direct Marketing

We do a lot of work with small and medium-sized businesses. Questions often come up from our clients on how to be effective on social media, especially facebook, when they are so busy trying to run their business.

Facebook and social media is about communication

Facebook and social media is about communication

They are very fair concerns. I was reading something this morning, and one thing that it mentioned directly addresses a potential client I was speaking with last week: “Understand that Social Media is not Direct Marketing “.

They are using their facebook page like some companies use a mailing list: push, push, push (which, by the way, isn’t the most effective use of a mailing list, anyway).

Social media, especially something like facebook, allows for a conversation. It allows for interaction like polls, quizzed, feedback, and yes, a complaint forum.

Use social media as a ‘soft sell’. Use it to give interesting facts, chat with people, listen (and respond) to complaints, and slip in the occasional product or service announcement. Mix it up. Engage!

Here are the points that were mentioned:

  1. Even if you don’t use the networks, remember to claim your name
  2. Know Your Brand (& Your Goals)
  3. Listen As Much As You Speak
  4. Spreading Your Brand Thin Will Do More Harm Than Good
  5. Be Prepared If Things Go Wrong
  • Bonus. Understand that Social Media is not Direct Marketing

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